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A lot of the time spent in Berlin consisted of tramming from stop to stop. Sara generally is obsessed by underground areas, she’s taken photos of London underground muchly also. Underground travel space is pretty eerie, horror movie reminiscent lighting, although buses can be scaryier places. The surrealism of underground travel means it doesn’t really seem to take place, whereas you always hold a vivid memory of the smells, sights, general panic of bus travel. I always feel that at any moment the bus driver may change his mind after years of driving the same route, and suddenly go completely off course and we could end up anywhere. After driving the same route a billion times, that could potentially drive you (pun!) slightly off kilter at some point, and that point could be the point three stops before your stop. What happens then? When you’re traveling in some ricktey bus down the motorway towards Blackpool with no means of getting off unless you physically assault the bus driver? The power of bus drivers. Such are my thoughts when I’m in a bus. I don’t get these thoughts on trams, or the underground (or generally, kinda).

Berlin’s underground was even easier than London, and no one checked our tickets which felt strange when in London it’s like permanent ticket alert, you can’t get anywhere without getting through barrier after barrier. And you always look stupid by mistiming it at some point, so your coat/bag is unvalidated and stuck in before-barrier-land. There’s before-barrier-land, after-barrier-land. Anyway, Berlin land was good for tramming, u-bahning it up daily. We were on the U8, running through the main station Alexanderplatz. Sara described it as like a second home, I think that was sarcasm. I found a lindt chocolate shop there! Just lindt! Was an exciting moment, though my German friend Anna used to tell me only old people in Germany eat lindt chocolate, what’s that all about?

Traveling talk is tiring….to conclude, if you are in Berlin, looking lost, and in doubt of where to go, Alexanderplatz is a good bet. Just avoid the circular stairs….


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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The Stirred team at Reclaim the Night Manchester 2015
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