Day 2: Regret.

Time Sieve

The slimness that fell through my fingers

Like a bell’s chime on an afternoon

Sounding a single note

The pain of losing my grip on you

As you move into the crowd

Without a backwards glance

Biting down on my lips as hard

As my sister who bit into the glass

Of some of the last of the wedding crystal

Her mouth blood, cut and finally, her tears

My memories of you seep into my past

Insidious as that stamp collection from when you were 12

That you cannot throw out, or those buttons

On your window sill in a jar, attached to nothing

All I have desire for is to know you

Some time tomorrow.


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

Posted in NAPOWRIMO Becca, Poetry Scrawls
3 comments on “Day 2: Regret.
  1. Trio says:

    Hey was it my my window sill button jar you are referring to?

  2. becca says:

    Yes, it was actually, random memorabilia very good. More suggestions of randomness needed :).

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