I have a lot of notebooks, I use up one in a couple of months in a good prolific period. I have certain specifics that have remained constant for about ten years, i.e blank pages, hardback, A5. The front is a journal of sorts (not daily just whenever, I credit this lackadaisical attitude to the fact I have notebooks from age 12 to now) the back is miscellaneous, lists, phone numbers, writing exercises, quotes, poems, scraps. I found a piece from a notebook from the tail end of last summer, it looks to me like this scrap of writing was from an attempt to write about beds (a suggested writing topic) I have bashed it into another broken sonnet in about an hour, otherwise I would be late for the good people at Stirred (hint hint its tonight at sandbar) anyway it is a poem of a sort so here goes nothing!

There Are Always Dessicated Flowers at the Bottom of my Handbag

In this so long, single life in which

my rumpled not creaking bed

was shared with snoring friends

in black skinny jeans worn to silver birch

not naked, needing  lovers

I had found the time to stay out at parties till dawn

Stalked suburban streets alone under mauve skies,

I plucked a fat headed flower, layered as shark’s teeth,

flushed pink as my weary cheeks,

and I bit deep

an oral he loves me he loves me not

with no one in mind

spitting petals on the pavement

Torn, tattered, battered,

useless as my heavy head and heart


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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One comment on “NAPOWRIMO: Day 4
  1. Esther Poyer says:

    I really enjoyed the metaphor in this piece.. very subtle and nice internal rhymes. Namaste!

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