I did a workshop today with a poet who used Jack Myer’s Portable Workshop, therein is a rather esoteric way of looking at form, i.e that you can use shapes to dictate form rather than the  traditional uses of sonnet, sestina, etc etc. To this end we were encouraged to doodle and then use that shape to write a short poem.  I have knocked it into another broken sonnet (you will be sick of them by the end of this month) the idea with this was that my doodle  was sort of cursive looping back on itself  shape so the idea was to write a poem that returned to the start. I plucked ten words to use from The Portable Beat Reader edited by Ann Charters: beloved, knotted, jazz, cooked, pocket, chrysanthemum, disguised, extolled, chronicle.

p.s Bread and cheese blossom is a colloquial name my mother used for a certain kind of off white blossom that used to appear at the end of our garden when I was growing up. I like using these names even when I am not quite sure why they exist.

Bottled Up Jazz



Her head all knotted with jazz

and bread and cheese blossom scent

thinking of outmoded chrysanthemums

their frilled petals like

pastry wheels cut them

she walked disguised

pinballing street corners

in her zippered pocket,



escaping the hole in the snow leopard  lining,

in her palm,

his beloved thumb print

from last night

her synapses buzzed with extolled virtues

chronicling this dance


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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