Day 17: Blossoms

Matthew Welton is one of my favourite poets, I’ve stolen some of his techniques to write this piece. I have his book We needed coffee but…. which I have used for inspiration. I’m not sure if it has worked, I’ve written it on the way to work so maybe it needs more study. Matthew has written a series of pieces on an airport, here is an example of his work:

‘The light from the windows is like a kind of weariness; the blurry, coloured signboards show nothing that makes much sense.’

‘The light is like something only dimly understood.

The light is like greaseproof paper’

So I have used repeatition in a similar way to how he does, and also used some of his sentence structures ie:

The first thing is that……….the other thing is that…….and I’ve taken some of my work from a random notebook to create it as well.


Blossoms smell vaguely minty-are they apple?

who knows….

 small as door knobs, white as snow

Rattling in the breeze, taut violin strings of boughs


Blossoms smell vaguely lemony, daisy fresh

The tree will rise again from the ground, covered in berries

Contradicting the apples we ate


Each bird visited the bulky leaves

Each bird sang on the crescent shaped leaves

The tree will rise again from the ground,

shaking the earth off it’s back


The first thing is how the air tasted like draft beer on the back of our throats

warm and frothing deep in our lungs

The other thing is how the blossoms on the tree looked like Japanese paper nakins

making no shape in particular, definately not swans


Sometimes the air tastes of garbage that has been left by a radiator

Sometimes it tastes of Chinese buffet


Blossoms smell vaguely ripe like an idea we’d had that we hung up in the wardrobe

and forgot to think about. Putting it on and realising it fits.


Blossoms smell vaguely ripe, like an afterthought that realigns your day into a new order

We talked about whether the blossoms were apple or not,

decided it didn’t really matter.


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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