Day 23: Austen


At the moment I am watching a bad adaptation of Emma, and have sleepily written this. It is a very bad adaptation, so if my poetry has suffered that is why :P. Enjoy:

Austen’s climax


It involves bonnets, and strawberry fields

Sometimes nature gets in on the act

In a placid way, lakes, in a more adventurous:

Tumbling down hills in the rain.


Austen’s climax is not limited to one

Moment of great thunderbolts and lightning

But many subtle shock points, a scene

In a breakfast room, in the garden where there

Is a walk by a pretty-ish wilderness at the back

Perhaps once Kitty has left to call on the neighbours

Perhaps in Bath.


It can involve falls and bruises, it can involve

Chestnuts, over-hearings while sitting on benches

Locked gates and going for the key.


The bindings of the books are like sashes

Of dresses, many petticoats ruffled layers

Untied and the book is all giddy with

Its gasps of plot twists. The suspension

Between marriage, and the un-kissed


It involves bonnets, and strawberry fields

Surnames and long walks by trees

Cakes and piles of fruit, an appreciation

For gruel. Austen’s climaxes are very

Perversely drawn out, she can keep going

For pages.


Conversations about sisters, husbands who fall

Asleep, who preach, who die at the wrong time,

Husbands who don’t become husbands

Engagements that last years, then elopements

That last a lifetime.


Austen’s climax has a chimney which is very large

she is by no means short of windows. 


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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