Day 29: Wedding

I’m just as susceptible as anyone to all the Kate and Willy cupcakes that are lying around. Am fascinated in a slightly bemused way of the immense press coverage on it, similar to how I felt when I found out that the News includes football highlights…….


The cameras fill you in,

Photographs will flash for your anniversary

Each and every year of your life,

If you are having a bad day, you will brace

Under the surge of evidence that you married

Him, on that day, in that way, in that dress

Perhaps the itch of the sleeves

is in your memory bank


The cameras fill us in on who you are meant to be

A set of instructions, we can even read

On the fragments that compose the image

‘Kate’s look, under the microscope’

zooming in on the details so that we are guests

rooting in the wedding chest, filling our hands with the veil

snorting the stuff up in confetti lines, strings of Union Jack tiny triangles


The cameras pull their large lens out to magnify

What to see, each detailed petal of bouquet listed

In the newspaper’s microscopic view

You hold it, it’s been described as ‘a shield-like’ way

You are compared to Grace Kelly, Diana

Cinderella and Snow White,

I’m at work when you are walking

Down an aisle and the bar staff agree

Your sister is prettier


You are what the public eyes, as sumptuous as the cake

I imagine you barely touched

Your chance of getting pregnant is public speculation

A row of gossipy neighbours with loudspeakers

For some reason there have been masks printed

In a street party people hide behind your face


Alas I know, that next year, come the 29th April

I will be seeing you preserved in white and tan

So many times, I will feel like I held the mirror

As you applied your make up, shield thick.


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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One comment on “Day 29: Wedding
  1. Clare Kirwan says:

    Doh! Would have loved to have this ‘the morning after’ for Poetry24. Great poems on the blog (and in real life too of course!)

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