Stirred 7th result!

For Stirred the 7th’s on the spot writing task, people were asked to homophonically translate these three lines, to create a short English poem. It has some interesting results! Here are the three lines people were given:


from Ion Mureşan, Romanian poet:

Bărbaţii înalţi care-au trecut pe drum
Lovind cu pietre în porţi? Cum nu te miră?
Odăile ţi s-au umplut de fum


And here are people’s attempts, (known contributors: Steven Waling, Andy Wilsdon, Hayley Evans, John Ammirati, Rebecca Audra Smith)


Brabra for all my cares you take the crown

Loving you, Peter and Percy? Can you see me?

Only to see and play, for fun.


Barbeque in Aldi, tree cutting drums

Lavender cucumber pita and port wine? Come and see?

O! Darling, tea and crumpets at Fuel.


Barbarous in all care of tree-cut the drum

Loving cup, petri-dish of port? Welcome new to the mirrors

O dial these unplugged phones.


Barbeques finally over, the man

Who spilt petrol and enflamed his girlfriend

Shot himself the moment after.


This month the prizes of a wooden spoon and left over Easter chocolate were awarded for these two pieces:

*Spoon winner:

Barbie in altercation, treacle pre-cum

Luvvie so pissed, important. Come now to me.

Dial tease; implant the fun.

 * Chocolate winner:

A Dyslexic translation:

Barbeque in the carer’s centre

While trees get cut with plums

Lovin, your Peter in them pants!

Come on my Mary

On dear, tit implants gone bust.


And a special mention for Andy N’s poem, which took off on a philosophical twist:



The translation of the piece

Was beating

To a completely different drum

Than I would.


The translation of the piece

Was like listening to the Beatles

When I really want

To listen to Metallica


But the translation of the piece

Had a hush lost in the wind

And beyond any form.


And totally beyond sitting

Over this page.


If anyone had another translation, please post! Here are the lines again:

Bărbaţii înalţi care-au trecut pe drum
Lovind cu pietre în porţi? Cum nu te miră?
Odăile ţi s-au umplut de fum


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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One comment on “Stirred 7th result!
  1. Olga Gunilla says:

    I was wondering, what language was that! my guess was Hungarian, but Romanian it is! Only Romanian poet I know is

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