Stirred @ Not Part of Festival

Only a few contributions to this Stirred’s writing task, but they are pretty amazing quality!  Exciting contributions from Liverpool poets, Rebecca Brookfield and Anna Machell, who also came to the workshop run by Anna Percy.

Here are the results with the writing task:

Starting with this line, (borrowed from Richard Jones) write a new spoon orientated (or not), poem.


With a spoon, I can dig a tunnel to freedom, spoonful by spoonful of dirt


Anna Machell:


For the soup, handful by handful of breadcrumbs for the rest to follow, squashed in

palm, make mudcakes, the chewed seeds of ancient gatherers packed into tins for

baking, the rushing ore of an age beaten into shape for pie crusts, for slicing and

scooping, slurping soil soup, sucking it up by the roots.


Rebecca BrookField:


Into my pocket and down my trouser leg.

Little crumbley heaps that I cannot put in a mixing bowl with water

And stir and stir and stirr…

Until mud quickens and I spoon it out into paper cases

To feed to my family, they’d swallow the whole lot

Like honey cakes.


Spoon winner:


I can even use the spoon to stir the

dirt into a cup of hot water then give to

my housemate if I run out of coffee.

With a spoon I can shovel copious amounts of

That beautiful sparkly white stuff into

My coffee, that certainly is not liquid mud.

3 spoonfuls please, hold the dirt.


Poster winner:


First I would like to deserve the punishment

Let me find a crime to commit, the kind that is low and dark and hurts.

Let me have a long trial and one phonecall.

(I will half-waste it on you. We must plan for the spoon.)

Let me have a prison cell and a tiered cake

The spoon between the layers will be frosting covered.

I’ll eat the cake you baked me first (spoonful by spoonful)

It might taste like the freedom you always wanted for me

It is sweet, the escape, I mean, when I run, footstep by footstep



The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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The Stirred team at Reclaim the Night Manchester 2015
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