Stirred the musical!

Hello all,

Time to post the results of our first theme Stirred, poetry and music. The task was:

This month in honour of musical theme we would like you to utilise the following lyrics from Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love in a short poem

”Take my shoes off

and throw them in the lake”


The winning entry of (S)HeMan DVD,

Take off that lake,

and throw it in your shoes,

we are 95% water.

Which was submitted by our accordian playing guest Martin Christie. He did a beautiful set incorporating Jo Shapcott’s Of Mutability, and Rachael Boast. Youtube video of his set will be posted soon.


Winner of the spoon was a new Stirred member Kate Adams:

The lake sings

silent ripples

take your shoes off

my love

and spin circles in the grass

throw shapes in the sky.


Anonymous response, quite fairytale like and cinematic:

Frozen and elf like she sits by Loch Doil.

Hands drip and eyes glaze at the sun as it creeps across

pine trees, breaking beaten and torn in this light

as she draws her hair back over her shoulders

and breathes a sharp icicle breath.


Charmain’s poignant slightly sinister response:

Make a quick move

towards the lake

throw together meeting

of disguises.

you seduce me taking

me away, carrying

my shoes; my heels



Dermot’s very mournful, serious response! With a slight twist at the end Dermot-style.

When the stove is ablaze

in fires at midnight

lights flicker through the room

take my shoes off

and walk slipper-shod

to the soft torn fabric

couch in the base floorboards

Take my mind

take my cares

take my inability to be at peace

never to feel at home at home

only to be at peace in the public house.

Turning to see my slipper-shod footprints

in the sand

and those of three others

that walked beside me

a voice from nowhere says

you did not travel alone

your loneliness, despair and sadness

would never leave you alone

even though you walked to the end of existence

and neither will the drink

take your mind

take your cares

and throw them in the lake

of bitter.


There was also a poem written by Dada Janet, another new Stirrer, which was an inspired rant off the back of those two lines that she open miced.


Thanks for your responses everyone, and welcome to all the new Stirred peeps. Next month’s Stirred will be art-themed, 2nd April.


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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  1. […] of their first film, pieces based on fondling food, Tracey Emin inspired haikus, pieces that are lyric borrowing from Kate Bush. If you’ve come to Stirred and done a response poem, you can always take it […]

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