Speak Through Exhibiton

Hello all,

Went to see the preview of Speak Through at Untitled Gallery, an exhibition of Monica Biagioli’s work that explores Jungian archetypes:


I am interested in the way she forms words from pouring molten lead into hand carved moulds, the molten lead ‘asserts the physicality of these psychological entities’. The psychological entities that stalk poems, as if words could be the concrete form of our dreams. I find the pipe structure titled Before Charge really fascinating, out of one speaker is a story being told in bedside story teller fashion, in the other is a fragmented voice that overlays random pieces of the story that are spordically allowed in. Reminds me of the way writing in workshops is approached, firstly by taking random fragments of speech and throwing them into a pile, then contextualising them in the flow of your own writing as you free write.

Great part of going to the previews is getting to meet the artist, I was wondering aloud which story I had, ~(in Alice-in-Wonderland style) the broken one or the whole, Monica randomly approached to tell me I was listening to the fragmented story pipe. Sara being obsessed with the logistics of things, asked her where the pipes are from in the Before Charge sculpture. They are indoor waste pipes, which then lead to a conversation on waste, refuse, catalyst….you’ll be glad to know these are fresh made waste pipes for conducting words only!

Using text to create art gets me thinking about transferring the text from auditory to paper, perhaps sitting by one of the pipe ends listening to the words like colloquial refuse representing these folk lore fairy tales, somehow spinning a new story around them. Words I might steal to do this with:

shadow maker, trance seeker, transport this…

And I am back to workshop writing!



The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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