Day 5: Strange Fruit


I am skipping around on the napowrimo website, using prompts from one day in another and generally making it up as I go. I do really want to try the epithalamion, so that may occur at some point. My song was by Wet Wet Wet on the day of my birth, and I couldn’t really get into that so I’ve left that one.

But for post five I’ve gone for the blues prompt, I wanted to combine the unexpected with the ordinary. Here’s what I’ve got:

Sunflower Blues


I’ve a feeling those sunflowers aren’t gonna grow

A feeling those sunflowers aren’t gonna grow

Those seeds are cold buried neath the patio


I don’t think they take kindly to all that cement

They’re not taking kindly to that cold cement

If I thought it would help I would pitch a tent


And nourish them with water, with hot house air

That I’d deliver through a pipe and some special designed vent

Could nourish them with water and some hot house type air, or


Perhaps if I cut up the neighbour and stuck them deep

Cut them into tiny pieces and stuck them deep

The roots would pull it up into their seed’s sleep.


We’d get blood coloured petals in the summer still to come

Blood coloured petals in the summer still to come

No more picking up next door’s fag ends in that sunny sun.


I did have in mind the Strange Fruit Billie Holiday song when I was writing, and the darkness of that.


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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2 comments on “Day 5: Strange Fruit
  1. […] Emma Decent’s night in Todmorden, Magic Words, was very inspiring stuff. Tried reading my sunflower blues poem on open mic, it was fun to read but made me realise my line length is wrong for the pace of it, so […]

  2. […] allowed! And now I can go along with the flower as subject poems. My Day 19 was about trees, and Day 5 was a sunflower inspired blues poem, so I get to return to the sunflowers who are, despite my dire […]

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