Napowrimo day four LATE

Yes its only day four and I failed to post one yesterday but if you go back I did actually post two on on day one, however I will come back and try and write another one later on today. I am not sure about this, its a first draft brand new poem, but here goes I am going to try not avoid putting one up every day.

When you lived a long time alone and untouched

and the only lifeforms you have felt lately are the fragile narcissi bulbs

you worry you have over watered on the dusty kitchen sill

you will be overtaken by sensation when by chance

a hand connects with yours or you watch in a queue

as the man in the couple in front in the pun named chip shop

despite the vinegar and fatty air is winding his fingers

without fuss in his girl’s hair and you are reminded of all

the men you have ever bathed with and how laughing

awkwardly washed yours, piled up the slippery coils of hair


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

Posted in Anna Percy, NAPOWRIMO Anna, Poetry Scrawls

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The Stirred team at Reclaim the Night Manchester 2015
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