Day 9: Gone fishing

It was Easter yesterday, and  I watched much television to break up the eating of chocolate.

Today’s prompt is dramatic monologue. I remember My Last Duchess very well from school, say dramatic  monologue to me and I see her smiling, which I wouldn’t mind not but there’s memory for you.

On the television yesterday I spent ten minutes watching polar bears and whales eat seals, and it reminded me of Simon Armitage and his sperm whale, so I’ve done a polar bear monologue.

Gone Sealing

Screaming for the cold

Squirming in my fur under a sun

Whose stroke presses me down

Oppressive. I wanted the freeze, longed for snow

Its powder under my paws

The flaking ice crumbling in a mild sea

The seals wide-eyed dismay as they slip

Into a whale’s jaws; greedy surface-breakers.

I wanted the pull of storm

at my broad back, the tumble forward of my weight

in the wind, my mate’s panting lungs

our kin in the boat of the hail

the joy of the slick blubber chew

in my mouth, the wait

ice quick and sharp broken up

as they breathe we feed, those open air plains

of water to paddle through, shortened to the smell

of a seal’s thick stout body, the stink and bloody brew.




The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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