Napowrimo day fifteen

So I failed to post last night due to raving and misbehaving after platform one at the poetry cafe and today I will post tonight’s effort without comment except to add we can;t write masterpieces every day…. and possibly an apology.

anyway here goes:

I never knew at sixteen that I

would feel more punk unwashed

dancing alone in a blue floral dress

than in ripped fishnets,

that a tiny feathered bowler hat gifted to me

I would wear proudly, and get over

my dislike of peacocks, the superstition

of having their feathers inside

That at my parents bungalow

with the cobalt sunken bath

I would dine on skips and port

what a juxtaposition of infantile and sublime


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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One comment on “Napowrimo day fifteen
  1. Adam says:

    Ah, you definitely shouldn’t apologise for this one. I would say while this isn’t as effective stylistically speaking as others have recently been, it hits some of your traditionally astute observations and perspective. In regards to this as well as the wider phenomenon of punk, it seems for many that the teenage mind often tends towards the fabricated chaos, dissonance and irreverence of the Sex Pistols: all safety pins and “fuck you(‘s)” for the graphic design of rebellion. This often gets dismissed and rejected, rather than analysed and reworked into adulthood. At its core is a philosophy that rejects hegemony, favours questioning decisions made for us over ignorantly accepting that those who can make such determinations have our best interests at heart, and maintains an understanding that shouting can be as equally crucial to the mechanisms of society as listening. Dancing in a blue floral dress is punk, because it is precisely the expression you required in that moment. Punk that hasn’t been long written off in adulthood brings potential for positive change.
    Sorry to waffle on like this. I desperately wish I was drunk, and this did spark something in me. Plus, after nearly four years, “I’m so bored of the U.S.A.”

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