Day sixteen napowrimo

Ok so I am finding that I lacking in inspiration for today, so this will be a kind of found poem from the pages of my Mother’s Yours mag (for those who are interested it is mildly less elderly than people’s friend) the page is called ”do you have?” and the ads are hilarious, I found that I could create a narrative with these its  no ‘for sale/baby shoes/never worn” but here goes nothing:

week one:

pattern for knitted

swimming trunks

will pay postage


week two:

Record by The Turtles

She’s Rather Be With Me

willing to pay all costs


week three:

Eye needed for an emu

(Rod Hull’s 70cm/27 1/2 in puppet).

Will pay costs


week four:

knitting pattern for a

lady’s jumper with a

blue and white chinese

willow pattern on the front


week five:

Aretha Franklin CD

or cassette, The First Time

Ever I Saw Your Face.

will pay all costs.


week six:

Microwave Cookery Books

Will pay postage.


Week seven:

Manual or photocopy

for a Sharp QL310

portable memory display

typewriter. Will pay costs.


Week eight:

Instructions for a sony

ericksson K7001 mobile

phone. will pay costs


Week nine:

Copy of  the late Steve Conway’s song,

My Thanks To You.

Will reply to all letters.

Will pay postage and expenses.


Week ten:

Hayne’s Ford Focus

LX 2011 car manual.

Will pay costs.


Week eleven:

Knitting pattern for

anything using two odd

pins, one small and one

large. Will pay any costs.


Week twelve:

DVD of the film, The

Merry Widow.



The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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One comment on “Day sixteen napowrimo
  1. […] behind by one day, and my mind is feeling empty, as you can tell! So I thought I’d take Anna P’s example and try a found poem using a magazine called Austria’s Hidden Treasures, which I picked up on […]

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