Napowrimo Day Seventeen prompt

I have used day seventeen,s prompt: I appear to have not read the bit aboput an inanimate object whoops and I wrote this just now, am sleep deprived and a very excitable dog wanted me to put down my book properly give all my attention to throwing a mangy tennis ball so here goes (there is q festival around this region of france to celebrate their rouge peche that I mention, sadly it is currently the wrong season also there are viaduct romain i.e roman viaducts here also) anyway, entirely unsure as to if this is dreadful but here goes:

Dear Future Lover,

Never say “You can’t quit me baby” for you are unlikely to be american or an opiate. I do not want or need you to promise to be there until the final furlong, such binds fail to understand how much luck is apportioned to each of us and how chance can laugh at your plans. I have never eaten red peaches I like to imagine they taste different to white or flat; stronger. we could watch each other become vampired by sweetness. I would like you to make me unafraid  to walk the paths of slaves into the Aquaducts. If you can find romance on Lynwood Avenue you can find it anywhere, this is required. If you can be a solid phantom I will welcome you. Here when you leave a place by road the name appears again crossed through as if it no longer exists for you,

Patiently Yours,


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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