Day 21: Found poem

I am lagging behind by one day, and my mind is feeling empty. So I thought I’d take Anna P’s example and try a found poem using a magazine called Austria’s Hidden Treasures, which I picked up on the train home from work, so it is a found poem using found material!  I did take some pictures of the magazine phrases…’s a boring journey.

I also had a dream recently about going on holiday in a house by the sea, so that sneaked its way into this poem, and when James Sheard did a set the other night, he mentioned the strange way you go on holiday and once you are there, are not really sure what you are doing. I’ve felt this feeling, so this also was hiding behind writing this piece. Title reverses the magazine article’s title.

Revive and Arrive

Widely varied, the few spaces that are left

Truthfully are magnificently beautiful

Dream of a sea opening out beneath

Your window, the land rippling

A touch away, utterly, completely fluid.

A plethora of beach trash spreading within your reach…

Your untrammelled mind picking up and letting go

Of thoughts in a web of wine. It is unusual

To relax on holiday, you self-consciously wander

Around tourist travelled towns and visit culture

Which is unfamiliar, even the air tastes slightly odd

The smells assault you, worse than the cheese maker in the hut.

Let me assure you, you will arrive and greet yourself,

A self that has been peeled back to the finer parts

A rural you, soothed and refreshed, as if

Dipped in that mountain-side lake.

You will inhale the charm of this new world-

Yes, even self-transforming, I can promise you

Dreams that will assail you in your city-bed.

Reconnect, open new doors and then.

You come back.

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The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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