Day 22: Earth Day

Earth Day has come around, took part in Earth hour some weeks past so it feels like this should be repeated today, no tele, just candles allowed! And now I can go along with the flower as subject poems. My Day 19 was about trees, and Day 5 was a sunflower inspired blues poem, so I get to return to the sunflowers who are, despite my dire predictions, starting to grow. It’s been strange the difference between the outside and inside flowers, in their growth rate, so I thought I’d contrast that in this piece.

Sunflower Seed


You were stripy and small,

Narrowed to a point

You crept in the shallow soil


churn in the rain of outside,

While the  hyacinths hum pink in the window

Their flower heads blossom, and droop

Heavy with their scent, each small flower opening

Starlets that group round the stem.


You flourish gingerly in the compost

Coming up slow, two leaves apiece

You sprout together in the depth of the pot.


The hyacinths in their pine cone knots have opened

Flowered, fresh and sweet, they stink of themselves

The kitchen is full of their perfume, you wait

Slow and small, the weather soaking and sunning you


Our hothouse hyacinths are beginning to crumble and fade

Their petals dry and shrivel; we feed them from the tap

And wait for you to turn from green to the flesh of flowers.




The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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