Day 28: Haikubes

Hello, today me and Belinda Johnston have been playing with haikubes. First you roll to decide your theme:

Then you roll to decide your words! But I thought I wouldn’t stick too firmly to what I rolled, so for this one I tried to rearrange my words and then work around them:

A regret about….

Wet grass, moonlight flies

The simple science of before

stars flock, whispering.


Then for this one I simply re -rolled one set of cubes several times to select words that worked for my theme, I’ve edited it slightly since writing it:

A reflection on…..

Rivers chase his past

water-body, those lips bay

light as childhood.


And then this last one I selected a few words and constructed it around the theme: 

A dream about our world….

Those parallel worlds

That lie inside our embraced,

lurid dreams of ice.


Belinda and I approached the haiku making differently, her haikus started to make more sense in the sounds she was creating, whereas mine became like fully formed sentences! Here are hers:

A regret about….

this ass smooth here hand

honestly hard limbs sleeping

touching thugs hot flock.


My Future

glancing skies empty

pluck ugly into me with

gleeful shines glancing, shape you.


Theme of family:



The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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