Day 29: Pizza Poem Recipe Rustica

Using Carluccio’s recipe for Pizza Rustica I’ve superimposed a poem. It is a poem about making a poem, which seems an appropriate penultimate poem for the end of this month of making poems. If you are interested in the original recipe it is the very end of the page that I’ve linked Carluccio to. I used The Telegraphs free recipe booklet to steal the recipe originally!

Pizza Poem

To make the poem,

Put the words into a bowl

Or pile into a mould.

Make a well in your mind.

Mix the air with a little speech

And add to the well with

The facts, the assonance, the half rhyme

And rhyme, the salt and pepper of

Punctuation. Gradually incorporate the

Vocabulary and mix with your hands,

To make a smooth set of stanzas.

Cover and leave to rest for several weeks.


Heat the editor to 200C, gas 6. Meanwhile,

Mix the critical, the cut with the ingredients

And season with imaginative leaps.


Roll out your first draft onto a well inked

Printer and ensure the paper is in alignment

With a margin three centimetres deep.

Spoon the poem to your readers, spreading it evenly.

Roll out the rest of the drafts to make the final,

Brush it up with another edit and position

Your nerves. Press your mouth near the microphone

And purse your lips to let the poem escape.


Bask for your three minutes in your poem, then

Lower yourself back to your seat, and bask

For a further fifteen minutes in your heads clamour.

Read your poem while warm and fresh,

Or leave to gather dust on your desktop

Before remembering to serve it to various zines.


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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