Vegetable Love

Stirred food and poeming is tomorrow evening! I’ve found a poem by Jo Shapcott called Vegetable Love, about some salad pinning to be eaten. I like the idea of writing a food’s emotions, would an orange be a happy creature? Fruit is generally involved in still life, what would the still life of a banana be in a poem? How do you write a banana into being?

Wendy Cope:

I am a poet of bananas

I am very fond

…I am of very fond bananas

Am I a poet?

Here is an extract from Vegetable Love:

And this is where I´ve lived
the past two weeks, since I was pulled
from the vegetable garden.
I´m wild for him: I want to stay crunchy
enough to madden his hard palate and his tongue,
every sensitive part inside his mouth.
But almost hour by hour now, it seems,
I can feel my outer leaves losing resistance,
as oxygen leaks in, water leaks out
and the same tendency creeps further
and further towards my heart.

Down here there´s not much action,
just me and another, even limper, lettuce
and half an onion. The door opens so many,
so many times a day, but he never opens
the salad drawer where I´m curled in a corner.

I am off to write of the longings of a tomato.


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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