Stirred Film Writing Task

Prompt: First film you went to see that you remember!

Jubilee Prize Winner!

Carlito’s Way

I wasn’t old enough it was an eighteen

My friend was tall and wore a long leather coat.

That night a four legged man walked into the Odean

to watch Carlito’s Way and nobody noticed.

Spoon Winner!

First Trip to Cinema Memroable

I thought you were the one

because you choose the back row

I thought it was eternity

cos you ushered me through

the darkness

our fingertips


as we touched through

buttered popcorn

I thought you were the one

but you fancied my

best friend.

And all other entries, of which it was really hard to pick from! Thanks to all who came and took part in Stirred Film. The technology showing of films worked really well surprisingly! We showed Jo Bell’s reading of Tom and Jerry influenced poem, and also the trailers for my film influenced poems, and Anna Percy’s poems that were put to film back in her student days. They were really visually attractive and worked really well! So that was great, and encouraging for future use of video at Stirred. Here are the other entries:

Romancing the Stone

She was a bully

that’s all she was

in a posh school of psychos

and I kept my head down

my head was pushed down

and bang she was there

do you want to come, she said,


Romancing the stone.

and I thought no

not unless someone gets stabbed in the eye

with a shard of glass

but she’s dead insistent

so, I said yeah

meet me outside

so there I was



Romancing the Stone.

First of two Bambi themed pieces:

never seen a deer like it

-if only for a minute

the thuds shuddered-

-through me

as I seethed in the dark

too tight a curl I wrapped

-myself in

the death of a beauty I-

-never reached

as slumber took over

and I settled into sleep.

Second Bambi inspired poem:

Early teen. A sort of date. Or could have

been. But. 2 younger sisters had to be dragged

along. Made me late.

It could have been….. romantic

but choice of film curtailed, he failed. It all

was wrong

so awkwardly, sandwiched by siblings, we sat and


and yes….we all cried. Not hidden tear

sniveling but full blown snorting, shake inducing,

snot producing sobs, when Bambi’s mother died.

Our secret, never to be told drew us close.


And also Belinda, who did an amazing guest set at Stirred, contributed an Annie poem:

We sat on the red seats

I was so excited to see Annie

Because I went to tap and ballet

I wanted to be you, ‘Annie’

But my hair wasn’t the right colour.

‘Nanna can we buy popcorn from

the lady with the wig?’



The Little Mermaid

Anna Percy

I remember it is
Dark after we leave
And windy I remember
A bundling into
A jacket, outside
The concrete Odeon
Now a cut price
Cinema, the furnishings
Unchanged since that
First trip, less
Glossy twenty two
Years on.

Next month’s theme is travel! Poems on the theme of travel, trains, planes, pedestrian etc.


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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  1. […] been running Stirred as part of the event. People have written travel tankas, memories of their first film, pieces based on fondling food, Tracey Emin inspired haikus, pieces that are lyric borrowing from […]

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