Travel Poems

Stirred July 2nd is on the theme of travel, so I’ve been looking at some poems that night act as inspiration for ideas. Also brings to mind the project Bugged, which encouraged writers to thief from conversations they overheard, often on public transport, to create a new poem from. Here’s a list of some poems that are of interest:

The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost

Twilight Night, Eileen Myles 
Night Train, W. H Auden
Adlestrop, Edward Thomas

Against Travel, Charles Tomlinson

From the Plane, Anne Marie Macari 


You could write a response to the road not taken! I thought I would include in full Grace Nichols poem, Island Man, which investigates the idea of travel subconsciously, among other ideas….

Island Man

(for a Caribbean island man in London

who still wakes up to the sound of the sea)



and island man wakes up

to the sound of  blue surf

in his head

the steady breaking and wombing


wild seabirds

and fishermen pushing out to sea

the sun surfacing defiantly

from the east

of his small emerald island

he always comes back           groggily groggily


Comes back to sands

of a grey metallic soar

                          to surge of wheels

to dull north circular roar


muffling muffling

his crumpled pillow waves

island man heaves himself


Another London day

I submitted to Bugged writing a train inspired piece, which you can view here 

Best of luck traveling and poeming!


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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