Stirred Travel Task


Contrary to the blog title implication, we did not put people on a bus to Rusholme then ask them to write a poem about it. We gave them tankas, and asked them to write a travel poem……..


Spoon Winner (Belinda Johnston)


Sheets, where black oil seeps

this dead sinking ship of mine

crammed with ducks and geese

in this cold and speechless house

of what light is left between us.


Lemon Winner: (One of our special guests, Sarah Pritchard!)


By roadkill I go

past the squashed cat of love

sun the wrong way round

the other side of the jet stream

our meeting delayed again.


Special Mention: (Lauren…)

By bus or by train

I’m making way to make waves

to a place just mine.

I can travel to myself

and leave whenever I want.



I worked for NASA

It was all a bit X-files

I knew my contact

as Ruldolph. I said is that

your real name. Strangely, it was.

Dermot Glennon 



On the road to RADA

she corpsed on stage

when a homophonic

girl refused to take

off her skirt and

get in bed with her .

Karen Little, designer of Stirred’s Lemon.


Many thanks to all who came last night, and our excellent guests Sarah Pritchard and John Darwin.


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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One comment on “Stirred Travel Task
  1. […] set while we’ve been running Stirred as part of the event. People have written travel tankas, memories of their first film, pieces based on fondling food, Tracey Emin inspired haikus, pieces […]

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