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Last night we set the theme to dreams, Stirred has been tweeting dreamy prompts and making spoons:


We made a spoon to represent the Anna Percy, who has been away. As you can see above it is her splitting image. Her shoes were filled by Karen Little, our guest host and resident spoon creator.

The writing task for last night was to write an animal’s dream, from this prompt I looked up some facts online about cat’s dreams and dolphin’s dreams, then noted a few details and gave them out to start people’s ideas going:



Cats may remember scenes from wildlife programs or ‘video catnip’ tapes, where the prey is tantalizingly out of reach. Dream signs of:

Rapid Paw Movement

Dream hunt-chattering, tail twitching. Dream of traumatic cat life events?



Dolphins rest in pairs, with one eye open and looking at each other. Dolphin resting is called ‘logging’, floating along the surface in calm water. Captive dolphins have been heard ‘singing’ at night. Are they dream-talking? What would a dolphin dream of? They have acute hearing and no sense of smell.


We had a spoon for best cat poem and a spoon for best dolphin poem. In the event the dolphin dreams out trumped the cat dreams overall, but we had a cat winner, Charlotte Wetton:

The first death-the garden fork, then the smell of earth and mown grass.

The second death-a blinding white light, a smell of gunpowder and burning plastic

Alley cat yowling, that hot tigerpit purr,

what a scorcher. Killer-kitty, she tasted of blood and feathers.

He wakes to milk and hearth-rug.


And a dolphin winner:

Dolphins don’t dream of screeching tyres and dead children

Dolphins don’t dream of cars stuffed with beloveds driving over cliffs at speed

Dolphins don’t dream of eulogies being recited for loves of lives

No, dolphins don’t do dark nights of the soul.

No, dolphins don’t do alcohol. Or caffeine. Or love.


I’ve just realised those pieces are both quite dark actually. That’s me suggesting a traumatic cat life event. Then we had a string of dolphin dream related joke entries, starting with Karen Little!


Dolphins dream that Monday is fish sticks day.

Dolphins like fish sticks

We all like fish sticks.


”I was running for a train with my ex-wife and we couldn’t get on the train cos they were drowning it cos it had thrush”-Kelvin Matthews the insecure dolphin.


Dolphin’s Revenge:

Have you heard me laughing. I’m happy.

fun a happy dolphin with a fish.

Have you got a fish? no.

I had a plan to get a fish and I got loads.

Just f**k off.


I love this one which is a strange merging of both animals somehow:


There’s salt water on my lips

and there are crabs circling my eyeballs.

A nubile marine biologist

sat suggestively on my back

and a leering old man

with his filthy yellow finger

wriggling in my jesus bastard blowhole.

Get me drunk and I’ll eat tuna.

this is actually about a cat.


Then two entries really getting into the dolphin’s skin:


They swim close to the boats, spraying as we

sweat in midnight dream wakes, yeeek and mother’s

come rushing wiping brows of their children dolphins

ease their minds as they throw open oceans

speed past boats catching the tail ends midnight

dream wakes, yeek zzzzz sleep sound.

By the onomatopoeic Belinda Johnston!


You watch as I sleep, afloat in shallows, waters

logging each movement, every flinch, jolt you clack

my eyes shut to the deepening sounds of bubbles popping

your shadow looms a lurking poke awakens me.

By our lovely guest Charmain Leung! Thanks to her and Miles Hadfield for their excellent guest sets.


The next Stirred is our birthday, on October 1st Monday.




The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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One comment on “Stirred Dreamers
  1. patrickb says:

    Really good animals…my Zebra is listening to Noah and the Whale

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