Stirred’s 2nd Birthday


We are older, by a year! And to celebrate that fact we had birthday themed poetry and cake. Beetroot and chocolate cake and lemon, blueberry, almond vegan cookies, to be exact.


The task was: Describe your most memorable birthday in five lines or less….

Spoon Winner:

My mother’s 80th birthday

Her smile, the way she sat

In state and everyone paid

Homage; the last time

I saw her completely alive.


Steve Whaling



Baking Set winner:

Thirteen years of poor training

I keep my enemies close

Boys don’t cry;

Men sure as hell do.




And all the other entries, the most memorable birthday in some cases seem to be ones you have a blurry memory of…


30 kids running round in circles

8 years old and thinking

This is strange

18 and vomiting on a girl I kissed

Things change, they don’t stay the same!


Charging round

The flash of 30 little LA jeans

Clattering about in a school hall

If this is my special day

I can’t wait to be…


Invited friends over for pre-party

Too much vodka

Keeled over in toilet

Friends celebrated the birthday

I was too drunk to go to.


I stole a rose from the pub wall

And run laughing into the night

And crushed my leg in the

Revolving door and had surgery on my 18th.


Stumbling feet

To a disco beat

A drunken DJ

Does the time warp

The worst birthday ever.


I lit a candle and blew it off.

A most exciting party.


My first teenage party,

At my neighbours house

All girls, no booze, no

Drugs, no cigarettes.

Ate hot dogs, laid on

Floor, windows open

Listening to Albatross.




A red rose was slaughtered

By larger breath, it drooped

In curry which ended up sloppy

On my signature white blouse

The sort you wear on your 18th birthday.




Thanks to our excellent guests Melanie Rees and Joe Hobson for their stomping performances.


The next Stirred is the 5th November….theme to be decided! We also extended the deadline for the Stirred Anthology till December. So, get your best feminist poetry to us at



The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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The Stirred team at Reclaim the Night Manchester 2015
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