Stirred is Dead Long Live Stirred!

Ok so we have been holding off making a public announcement before now. Due to unforeseen circumstances we will no longer be holding Stirred at Sandbar after March’s event. We want to thank Dom Harbot for all his sterling work in helping make Stirred what it is since we started in October 2010 without his support this simply would not have been possible and also for his design of the femipen logo.

We are one of the longest running events in Manchester and we remain purely poetry and staunchly feminist. We like to think we have held up a record of high quality guests while supporting emerging writers through our events and workshops, we have worked with all manner of arts organisations and arts festivals including Not Part of and most recently Sapphormation. There is a wealth of video from our events on youtube here:

We think we still have a lot to offer because we are unique and supportive particularly of new writers, LGBT writers and audience and people with mental health issues. Which is why while we are sad to announce our last event at Sandbar we are ecstatic to announce we will be continuing Stirred at the glorious 3MT theatre. Our lovely relaunch there will include the familiar spoons and feminist poetry and like all of our special events we will run a writing workshop beforehand, it will now be on the third Monday of the month starting on the 22nd of April. 3MT has a great record of supporting women artists and political engagement we are so pleased that will be relaunching there.

We have been offered the third Monday of each month at Three Minute Theatre on Oldham Street. This means a slight adjustment to the diaries as Stirred was on the first Monday of each month originally. The new dates for next two months.


Monday 22nd April


Next Stirred:

Monday 20th May.


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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2 comments on “Stirred is Dead Long Live Stirred!
  1. karen little says:

    oh I love 3mt so that’s fab…though i am glad to be sneaking my first guesty thing in at sandbar..just because it completes some karmic thing…love and love to

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The Stirred team at Reclaim the Night Manchester 2015
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