Stirred @3MT

Relaunch of Stirred at 3MT 22/04/2013

The task using a NaPoWriMo prompt, to write in the persona of a superhero. But because it’s Stirred, we used superheroines as prompts. I also threw Poison Ivy in even though she’s a villain, she is ace.

Poison Ivy haiku

She was a shadow

spiders make their way unseen

across her cracked leaves.

-Andrew Lawson

Andy receives runner up prize

Andy receives runner up prize

If she could grab and displace you in thought,

she’d pry the ivy from you

place you between her thighs

and pick away the lice.

-~Charmain Leung

Charmain receives second prize

Charmain receives second prize


Spoon Winner:

To those claimed by their looks.

Visible, Invisible

Asleep, Awake

I shake,

shake off my skin

so you can savour

the bitterness within and pin

your opinion on me

and see, me

Visible, Invisible

Asleep Awake

I shake

off your opinion of me

And I’m free.

Visible. Awake.



You, totem pole and I

twisted ivy lipstick hair

twisted into limbs, leaves and branches.

Not to co-exist but grow, I am sprout,

you are tractor.

These are seeds, of course- I have temptress

hips. Not defined by form but seed.

Leave the antics to the fools, jesters and cats,

cats with their claws but never trust the ivy

not to suffocate nearly life,

to make walls crumble from the roots of their foundations.



claw my eyes

you evil scientific sensual plant

When I wake in a bed of itch

I will remember it was worth every scratch

Catwoman Prompt

Catwoman Prompt

how you’re  a lightening bolt

Persian or Siamese cat

black shiny eyes hurl back

to an ancient forest

where we make plans to escape

through the back door-

licking our whiskers

and we relinquish.


Can you hear me scratching

I’m waiting to come in

to begin.

Don’t rub me up

the wrong way, baby.

I can scratch and catch.

Let me sleep on your bed.

Feed me cream

Let me dream

of mice and men

twitching, bitching

enriching your world

I’m a pet, you can pet, you bet

yet I need to be free, me.

Your cat waiting

to come in.



The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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