Stirred: Warm World

Stirred July is taking place on Tuesday 30th! We have three special guests and a chosen theme of Climate Change.

Doors at 7. £1/2 donation welcome.

from ‘Freeze 1947’

The polar bear rug on the living room floor
rose from the dead, shook snow from its fur
and stood magnificent on all fours,
-Gillian Clarke.

Special Guests:

Ian Bowkett is a performance poet from Birmingham, England who writes energetic and nerdy pieces about love, alcohol, and that grey area in between love and alcohol. He is currently promoting his debut collection, the x and 0, to be released as a CD and book in late July: His facebook poetry page can be found at:

Cathy Bryant is a stalwart of the Manchester poetry scene. Her book ‘Contains Strong Language and Scenes of a Sexual Nature’ has been published by Puppywolf press and she has been co-editor of three BomPs. Her poetry is humorous, gentle, thought provoking, and her performances do full justice to her voice. She has won poetry prizes ranging from Swanezine Poetry Contest to the Marple Humorous poetry prize. You can find her here:

Jen Ruth Donna Bailey is a writer and educator. Her poetry published in ‘The Nail’, The Best of Manchester Poets volumes 1 and 3 (Puppywolf), Electric Sky (Bad Language) and Blank Pages. She has performed poetry at Manchester Pride, Manchester Comedy Festival, the London Vegan Festival, and was a finalist at the 2008 Hammer & Tongue slam poetry competition. She is part of the Tongue in Cheek collective that runs monthly spoken word and music nights in Manchester.
Jen is a self-confessed “Word Nerd” and has also written articles and book reviews for Enigma, Red Pepper, Starburst Science Fiction Magazine, RSPB Wild Times magazine, D+C journal, Corporate Watch and Citizenship Times. She has written three plays and performed for The Didsbury Players. Jen is currently working with storyteller David England, compiling folk tales from Lancashire which will be published by The History Press in May 2014. She is also organising Wild Writes! a series of writing workshops for young people in Stockport.
Jen lives in Greater Manchester with a very patient Computer Geek and three hyperactive felines. Her website is

Please shout us for open mic slots, you can speak on the theme or not as you feel. There will be a spoon and on the spot writing. You can read tribute poetry by your fav female writer if you wish (not obligatory).

From ‘Elderly Iceberg off the Esplanade’

Lurked in the sea lane, only wanted love.
Was a monster, unnaturally born
from the wreck of a thousand-tonne reefer.
-Phillip Gross.

We are tweeting and hashtagging #warmworldstirred if you want to join in the conversation!


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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The Stirred team at Reclaim the Night Manchester 2015
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