Mass writing is action

Group Poem

Group Poem


Today Stirred held a creative writing workshop at Blank Space to engage with the exhibition Equals, a feminist conversation with art. We created a poem using the line from Sarah Maple‘s piece:

Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction.

Everyone created their own piece, but this a group poem with a line from nine different voices. Have a listen to Faithless while you read if you so feel.


Inaction is a weapon

so lie down and think of England.


Ghandi said

the industrialization of India

was destruction, people had to travel

by rail to buy goods.


Spread the word

before someone else spreads theirs

and you’re even harder to believe.


Because we feel-we can act.

Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction.


You are strong in your silence

and wither me with a look

and a rustle of your paperwork.


Votes for women, razor blades cutting the skin

with the left hand and masturbating with the right.


Resistance may only be a paper’s width

but use it all.


Inaction is worry lines on your head,

inaction is your nine to five job,

inaction is slobbish; no excuses:

inaction is a weapon.


Dissembling factories, the assembly of their

own destruction, bloodless, bruiseless,

physical intactness,

inaction is a weapon of mass destruction.



Becca and destruction @Sarah Maple

Becca and destruction @Sarah Maple



The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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