Disney Rewrite V

Pocahontas, Diana Goldstein

Pocahontas, Diana Goldstein

Whythenshawe Pocahontas


She’s running out of sounds to assign

to Layla, Kitty, Ginger, Mittens,

Amber, Skittles, Buffalo, Grey.


She’s too aligned with 90 degree white wall

whispers not oak murmurs,

red hawk flights or yurd fireplaces.


Princess of docility in Wythenshawe.

Council estate, cat-sitting her fellow feline cousins,

caged, a rat on antibiotics, agoraphobic.


Her hair mirrors Layla’s tail,

when cracking branches used to

accompany her awake eyes to sleep,


lukewarm PG Tips bitters the now.

NHS ambulance sirens bear no grudge,

pass by like days over Mother Earth.


Knocks on the chestnut door are rare

but colonial daytime TV is plenty,

as thick as gorged down pea soup.


Sarah Pepin
Sarah Pepin is currently studying for a Masters in creative writing: the poetry route. Her experience includes the Tongue in Cheek community, journalism, a wine museum. Her poetry is inquiring, sumptuous, grounded in humour and an innate faithfulness to lived experience.
Find more details about Friday’s Disney Rewrites here.

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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