Stirred: Frankenstein Workshop



On Sunday 17th November we held a Frankenstein themed workshop at Kim By the Sea. This has been one of my favourite themes for exploring how creativity and destruction interweave. The first task asked the group to imagine Frankenstein from different perspectives, using Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird as inspiration. I use, Frankenstein, as shorthand for Frankenstein’s creation, as the creation is nameless. Frankenstein’s ears were looked at, his skin delved into. Associations with operating theatre, made-to-measure were brought up. Then we moved into creating a creature from materials we found in a skip, everyone put forward three suggestions and we built what we could using them. @MayaChowdhry captured a creation in one tweet:

kitten head with broken mirror body, wardrobe arms and furry rugged insides

We also created a group poem based on the style of Anne Carson’s poem Good looking Boy, (borrowed from the T.S Eliot reading group pdf, find it here) and here it is:

I made a mistake/oh dear. What did you do?

I meant to steal something-but I put it back/ you pushed instead of pulled?

I pushed the paint with my forefinger/ I should have known better/

I should have known better/ So what are you gonna do about it? Grow up.

I’m planning to steal something tonight-to restore the equilibrium/ prepare your fingers

prepare your pockets- I will be waiting, hanging in the balance/ stop to feel, check it’s real

I’m ready, I won’t disappoint you again.

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Just to end on a Frankenstein note, here is my skip creature created with these objects:

ten mouldy wooden coat hangers

a pram

a dog collar


I put a dog collar round it’s neck, bright pink

Puppy-monster made of straw and bin bags

Will you grow to be a fabulous being

people will want to skin and wear you?

Will you be a plush, gorgeous pelt

or shunned, small, pushed

into a Moses basket and set to sail


I have a pram and at first, I kept it

to push you in, then realised no

pulled it apart

ransacked the soft lining for your coat


I made a skeleton for you of wooden coat hangers

scrapping the mould off as I go.




The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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