Stirred: Buzz

Many thanks to all who came and wrote and read and listened to the buzzings of Stirred poets last night. The 3MT was as welcoming as ever against the chill winds of January. The writing task for this Stirred was a group poem which was passed around the room and added to to create a collective piece. Each line is initialled with the writer’s name and phrases in bold won various excellent prizes! John Darwin had the last word and won a flower.

Hive mind poem from Stirred: Bees Monday 27th.


I would like to know more about bees

and how they snuffle in the grass (B.J)

Bees wear stripy jumpers in the

summer, but don’t get warm (S.H)

when the sun burns into their knitted

exterior, they bask and revel in the solar grass (S.L.D)

and pass the time collecting dew (A.L)

heavy and free, buzzing around me and you (C.T)

They scout the checkered grasses searching for a mistress

to all their many lovers (K.P)

Delicate tongue like a  wisp of yarn, reaching out to sip their

heady drink (S.G.L)

fuzzy, pollen saturated coat, buried like an old

woollen sweater, itchy and desperate for cleaning (K.F)

Vibrating furry servants, undertaking one of Mother’s

vital tasks (J.M.H)

Thank you busy bees for filling our world with colour

and food. Sorry for fearing your defensive sting. (N.E)

Bees don’t have knees, can’t bend to eat cheese,

most of them are called Louise, they’re dying

out. It’s sad. (J.D).

Here is part one and two of Stirred video. Quite a new method was used for this (ie, my laptop!) and Belinda Johnston hid behind her paper very consistently. But have a look, have a skip around and see/hear some of the different voices. We had an excellent range of open micers and guests. Open micers: Sarah L Dixon, Andrew Lawson, Belinda Johnston, Rosie Garland, Sara Haywood and Steph Pike.

The special guest Sarah Grace Logan appears in the first part, but I have a separate video of our special guests Steve Garside and Marianne Daniels which needs editing before I post it so that will come later. Enjoy!




The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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The Stirred team at Reclaim the Night Manchester 2015
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