Suffragette: Landays

Suffragette Conference 


Group Writings

Group Writings

Today at the People’s History Museum on International Women’s Day the Suffragette Conference took place. There was an incredible variety of speakers and perspectives on our Suffragette inheritance and what to do next. You can see details of the full event here

I did a few mini-workshop tasks as part of my presentation reflecting on women’s voices from suffrage to right now. We used a google poem of did suffragettes to give us starting lines and people completed them or took a variation of them to create collective suffragette landays. Landays are couplets derived from an oral tradition of Afghanistan women’s culture.



What answers did the conference come up with in response to this googlepoem? What questions did we still have and what do we take forward from the conversation? So much contained in this collective piece. I have grouped the landays around certain themes that emerged. Thanks so much to all who took part in today!

Suffragette Landays


Did suffragettes succeed?

They taught us we could have a voice…that we still need to use.


Feminism ignites,

Equal representation, respect, rights!


Did the suffragettes succeed…

If they had, would we be here today?


Did the suffragettes succeed in Britain?

Yes, but the work continues unbeknown to most, unending.




Did suffragettes burn their bras?

Yes, and they scrapped Page 3 while they were at it.


The whale-bone corsets cut away

Next stop is no more page three today.


Police destroyed the wagonette

War more important than peaceful suffragette.


Did suffragettes ride horses and eat meat?

Giddy-yup, giddy-yup, giddy-yup.


I want to ride my bike

Away from the box and towards the sun.




Did suffragettes change the world?

Now we can vote for an ever indifferent government, Hoorah!


Did suffragettes change the world?

Alas no, we still have a long way to go.


The suffragettes changed the world for me

I hope we can pass on a similar legacy.




Did suffragettes get the vote?

Some of them did and some of them did not.


Playground rhymes in the 1970’s

Introduced me to women’s liberation.


Suffragettes, force-fed, victorious

Bought us the right to imprison ourself for ‘beauty’.




What did the suffragettes do?

Suffragettes lit a torch in womyn to be their selves.


Our soul is in our voice

Who tells us how we should speak?


Did the suffragettes change anything?

Did you work this week? Drive? Have opinions? Power? A voice?


When did suffragettes start?

When they began to think, breath, debate, speak.



The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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