Stirred: Smash

Hey all,

Stirred Mirrors has come and gone leaving a trail of shards in its wake.

First things first, prizes and group poem courtesy of Sylvia Plath Mirror echoes. We did the same exercise as we did for the mirror workshop on Sunday, but we had several lines from her poem rather than the first line. I will arrange what lines I have back into the correct order of the original poem, although there will be gaps. The original poem I will link to here, you could look at it and figure out which lines are it’s opposite if you feel like amusing your brain with a poetry puzzle. Or you could just enjoy the strange chill making of this piece.

Mirror Echo

Whatever I hear makes the bile crawl up my throat. (Geoff)

The touch of a massive thought, two dimensional (Jonny Sidle).

Limbs and blank lines integrate as just once. Just once. (Sarah Grace Logan)

The vicious pond. A man jumps over escaping a dinosaur (Chris Shepherd)

You ignore her front and dull it down spitting lies (Keri)

Unimportant to him, she comes then goes. (anon)


Dinosaur is slightly unexpected and adds character ;).

Jonny Sidle and Keri claim prizes

Jonny Sidle and Keri claim prizes of spoon and mirror


Thank you so much to all our open micers: Angela Smith, Belinda Johnston, Sarah Grace Logan and Jonny Sidle duo performance, Sarah Miller, Melanie Rees, Pip Von Nosegroeg, all excellent and inspiring, we have some youtube videos uploading of them to the Stirred Mirrors playlist which you can find here.

Special thanks to the special guests Andrew Lawson and Shirley May, here is a poem from each of them on the night:

Shirley May reads The Reflection, written and performed on the night, we like the style:

Andrew Lawson reads Our Mutterings Matter, as requested:

The next Stirred is on Monday 26th May, theme is Frida Kahlo, special guests are Nadine Andie and Suzanne Batty. Tweet us @StirredPoetry with #stirredfrida if you find any poems or articles that are relevant.




The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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  1. […] The theme of mirrors was a really inspirational one, with special guest Shirley May scribbling away on the night to create a piece to read in her slot, The Reflection. […]

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The Stirred team at Reclaim the Night Manchester 2015
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