Still Life: Frida

Stirred: Frida Kahlo-Still Life

Normally the Sunday before the Monday of Stirred we run a Creative Writing workshop at Kim by the Sea, however this Sunday we have forsaken our usual spot where we see how many chips we can eat as a group. Instead we will be blogging Frida Kahlo inspired poem prompts up till next Monday 26th, when the event goes forward at the Three Minute Theatre.

Today’s prompt is based on Frida Kahlo’s Still Lives, perhaps a less well known side of her work.

‘The fruit are cut open to reveal fleshy interiors; they appear overipe or are beginning to wither. Many of the fruits resemble body parts and evoke a disturbing eroticisim, suggesting the interrelation of sex and death. For Kahlo still life often functioned as a kind of indirect self portraiture in which she projected her inner feelings through thoughts and symbols.’ (Frida Kahlo, by Emma Dexter and Tanya Barson).

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Write a still life poem, selecting two items from your room that you are familiar with and investigating how they depict your character. Add a surreal element, pick from these Kahlo symbols that appear out of context in her works:

owl, heart, root, hummingbird, scissors, the sun.

Five words to include:

earthquake, burrow, yanked, quickly, guards.

Form to use if wanting a form: Twisted Triolet

Create an eight line poem, first line is repeated as the fourth line, and also the seventh line. That’s it!


Stirred flyer


Extract from Pascale Petit’s poem, Living Nature 


I am painting myself,

Hairless Bitch,

with the blood of prickly pears,

the spilled red of pomegranates





The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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  1. […] Here is Jennie Bailey guesting, and her response to one of Becca Audra Smith’s (mine!) poetry prompts to create a twisted triolet, see prompt here. […]

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