Diary: Frida

Stirred: Frida’s Diary

Tell your day in a collage with words and pictures like Frida and if you want make that into a further poem. Stick in fragments of conversations, magazine images, adverts, your own inner thoughts and doodle, paint, sketch away.

Translated Extract from Frida’s diary, original words in image:

Words and Eyes from Frida's diary

Words and Eyes from Frida’s diary

as if wrapping my whole

being in an anxious wait

for the morning. I notice that I’m

with you. At that instant

still full of sensations,

my hands are sunk in oranges, and my body

feels surrounded by your

arms (p.24)


I am disintegration

I am disintegration

Here are some notes from Carlos Fuentes, going into Frida’s use of images in depth:

Janus, god of the new year, is usually pictured looking forwards and backwards. What s/he sees in the past, on the left-hand page, is a strong proud, imposing profile of a woman-Kahlo as a figurehead on a Roman coin. But when Janus (and Kahlo) gaze into the right, into the future, they foresee disaster. The figure of Kahlo, looking like a marionette with disjointed limbs, teeters atop a classical column. Parts of her fall away-an eye and a hand-both used to make art. Above the precariously balanced figure Kahlo writes ‘I am disintegration’. (p41)

Look forward to hearing your entries at Stirred on Monday 26th May. Tweet us a picture if using images @StirredPoetry #stirredfrida.




The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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