Frida: what the water brought us

Our task for Stirred: Frida was completed so brilliantly by so many people, this post is for the winners of the task, both the spoon winner and the booby prize winner!

The task was the complete the phrase, what the water gave me…..and both winners wrote a fully shaped piece on the night in response to this, so it was a really fruitful prompt that evoked a lot of exploration and bravery in people’s work, doing full justice to Frida Kahlo’s spirit.

What the water gave me

What the water gave me


Firstly, newcomer Nick Hine’s piece which he read at the night, unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to video him but here is his piece in full:


what the water gave me
my first remembered lesson
in the pleasures of disobedience
they told me to only step with one foot
into the mossy stream
I didn’t

inevitably slipping

taking down four other kids
was worth it for the thrill
of being carried along
with the water and the moss
like a part of the stream itself


Nick Hine reads his Frida prompt poem

Nick Hine reads his Frida prompt poem


Then winner of the spoon with their amazing piece, Ganymedde Webb. Here is their piece in full and video of his open mic performance, which was stunning!

What the water gave me,

slick slipping feet walk up the walls

I chase seamy foam across

the sea bed

As the memory of you echoes

in me.

Washing machine churning

I remember a deep burning push

I remember bathroom tiles,

fake lino,

I remember the line of your hand

in mine

I remember nurses bent over a

plasticy bed

Sharp needle and blood.

For weeks I dreamt of water.






The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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