(undiscovered): Workshop

Friday evening, 6pm, the streets are yet peaceful, the potential for chaos dwells in waiting, undiscovered, unknown…

Stirred: (undiscovered) is on Monday 28th July at 3MT, click image for link to facebook, and here for writeoutloud event. Undiscovered is the theme of July.

stirred flyer

Here are a few exercises from Anna Percy’s workshop exploring the theme of undiscovered:

Unseen Objects: handle an object with your eyes closed, put it back in the bag, then write about it.

Hidden words/topics: write words/topics on paper and fold them up, mix into group bag and take one that isn’t your own. Write about it for five minutes without using the word. Read out pieces and others guess which word it was, then reveal.

My word was ROBOTS and here was my cryptic poem, guesses included electric.

veins crawling with spiders iron linking it up till I’m stiff with it. Many legged and mornings in the metallic box of a bed, unwilling to move because I creak with each step, crack with the beat of my light bulb heart. tin man creeping down a concrete lined road with a flyer saying f**k this, in my hand.

Question: What would you put in a bottle and float out to sea? It can be symbolic, it can be anything. Write.

Take an undiscovered part of your house/life/personality and bring it out into the light.

 Write a poem which only reveals something in the last few lines.

We also pulled haikubes from a bag and arranged them into poems. Slightly different as normally we self select haikubes which we want. The element of surprise was good, and somehow themes still seemed to come through, here is Anna’s mystery haikube poem, click to enlarge:



One of the members of I:CON, Contact Theatre’s Young marketing team sent us at Stirred an email about a show opening this Thursday. Here is what they said about: I’d like to say something:

‘we thought the show would have particular interest to the Stirred poets, because of your celebration of feminism. The show focusses on what it means to be marginalised, and was devised in conjunction with margin theater, an all-female youth theatre company from Iran, as part of the Contacting the World festival’ Please click on the image below to go to the facebook event:





The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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  1. […] wrote in the Stirred: Hidden workshop with Anna Percy’s prompt, which you can find more of here. The prompt to put a message in a bottle has been a really good one. Sarah Miller also responded to […]

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