Surreal: Galaxies

Stirred Galaxies: Responses To Eugenia Loli’s Work and More

So the theme for this month came about because I showed Becca one of Eugenia Loli’s works online and she went ‘’oooh galaxies’’ and I went ‘’ooh yes’’ here is the event.

Her works are currently becoming very popular online, and are being used by the fashion world and all sorts, click here to see. 

She certainly isn’t the only person to be working making collages with vintage images at the moment but there is a very interesting and developed surreal nature to the images.

When viewing more and more of her images they seem to be subverting and commenting on the nuclear families and heteronormative images used in them, this is by nature of the vintage collage technique, the mass media images of that time reflect that. There are some others which step out of this gloriously, two sailors kissing covered in dozens of hands.

'A couple of Saliors'

‘A Couple of Sailors’

The images that have struck me more than others are the galaxy images. Galaxy print due to the quality of modern fabric printing techniques has been doing the fashion rounds for a number of years. Eugenia takes these images and layers them with aching Technicolor vintage images augmenting reality women and men embrace lovers with disco balls for heads or who are all stardust or galaxies here is her love collection which I think are some of the most simple in a way and effective:

In many cases she changes the bodies in images replacing heads and other body parts to make chimera with animals and objects and in some cases totally erasing the body apart from an outline or a bikini. Women become as large as cities and beaches.

Some of her work is especially interesting for feminists I include a selection below:

Wormhole the latest image on her tumblr to me suggests a subversion of what a woman’s genitals are and how they look, I found this image very arresting:



Ones that stand out to me:

A lone female driver is on a road to nowhere.

A mirror self is all made of stars and the women smiles enigmatically.

A boy is pushing back shutters with a blindfolded girl about to fall into space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here the woman becomes what I think is space and solar flare? Any scientists confirm that? By replacing the women’s face and body a statement is made about perception of the body.

She's All That

Finally click through to see her own tumblr and some of her wares I love the idea of having a pillow with something of hers, see here for prints. 

What we would like you to do specifically for the event or for inclusion on the blog or both is write poetry responding to these images or any that you find on her tumblr relating to the theme of galaxies. Send us work to

As someone who has always been interested in sci-fi and grew up fantasising about such ideas as the parallel worlds theory and alternate timelines which I first encountered in tv such as Sliders and Quantum Leap and Red Dwarf I am excited for this month’s event. Take us into outer space, take us to other planets, take us through wormholes. Galaxies is a huge theme which I hope our attendees will take to the edges of existence.

Poems from the galaxies by women:

Various Portents by Alice Oswald 

My God, It’s Full of Stars by Tracy K. Smith

The Universe: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Tracy K. Smith

Paracelsus by Diane di Prima 

The Shampoo by Elizabeth Bishop


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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