Stirred: Breaking the Mould

Stirred Poetry ran a workshop as part of Sapphormation: Breaking the Mould.

Was a brilliant festival and great to be a part of creating an open and engaging space where we could discuss different issues with breaking through society’s expectations, and what this means for us.

We created a group femifesto, poignantly full of questions…

Dear future,

What do you look like?

What can you hear?

Where have you run to?

Shouldn’t you be bright and liberated?

What do you know?

Are you kind? Will you be kind? Be kind.

Have you changed?

Do you look to the past?

Did you ever truly find yourself?

How far are you from what we imagined?

Are we free?

Is it worth carrying on?

But will we be held?


We used Denice Frohman’s spoken word piece to frame the workshop, taking her line ‘tonight I am drunk in my freedom’



Thanks so much to all who came and shared their experiences, and especially for letting us put up their words to show the challenges and struggle that come with trying to break out of moulds. We made a mini zine of the day:

mini zine

If you want you can make your own mini zine, instructions here.


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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The Stirred team at Reclaim the Night Manchester 2015
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