Stirred: Infinite Appetite

Stirred: Galaxies took place on Monday 24th November, with special guests Clara Arriage and Loz Webb and their stunning and amusing spoken word that split into comedy then tragedy in quick succession.

Wormhole Chapbook

Wormhole Chapbook

We put together a short chapbook from the Stirred: Wormhole Workshop, which you can download as a pdf here: Wormhole Chapbook_Stirred_November_2014. We will are always open to blogging Stirred inspired poems so send any other Eugenia Loli response pieces to 

Many thanks to our open micers who all thoroughly embraced the theme of galaxies, combining the universe and feminism and challenging space and time: Madie Howard, Ros Ballinger, Carol Robson, Danielle Matthews, Steve Tomkinson, Chris Ferrati, Steve Whaling, Nick Evans, Steve Whaling, Heather Fleming, Jess Bradley.


The task of the night was to respond to The Lasso of Infinite Appetite by Eugenia Loli, or to respond to any of her works that we used as the backdrop to the night.

The Lasso of Infinite Appetite

The Lasso of Infinite Appetite

Here is Sam’s entry on this theme:

The Lasso of Infinite Appetite


The western Feminazis

Entangling men like

Spiders. Strandling,

Chocking, gradually

Starving the lifeblood

We are insatiable, we

Watch to catch so much

But really we are

Seeking to catch

Freedom, to escape.


Other entries on this theme of appetite include:


Eat the moon

Roll it on your tongue

Feel the smooth coolness on your tongue

Then FIZZ! SPARK! Like a popping candy gobstopper

The moon comes to life. Feel it. Taste it.


Appetite in a gap

For food and filling

But when you’re spilling

Your guts and past to the street

You can’t eat

Or even really fap.


We also have the prize winning entries which are in a separate post that you can find here.

The videos are up from the night and you can view the playlist here:


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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