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Hey all,

You may have heard of the movement Hollaback! Or Everyday Sexism? These sites encourage people to share their stories of street harassment and daily incidences of sexism from small to huge.

The theme of Stirred Poetry next Monday is Shout. This March, month of International Women’s Day, we wanted to think about the theme of women’s voices breaking through the silence that has oppressed them for so many centuries, in so many cultures, and is still deeply embedded in the world we live in today.

holler map

The workshop was themed on Holler, we looked at the way women’s voices are heard when they are raised in protest or anger, or even debate. Here is Beyonce (yep) trying to get the word ‘bossy’ banned, because when applied to women who are leading or challenging, it puts them down, shuts them up, tells them that they should be passive, not assertive. #Banbossy. I found this from a google search, See this review of a study on criticism of women’s voices in the workplace.

The workshop began with a holler map of Loud Women! Featuring Rosie Garland, Maya Angelou, Sharon Olds…

We also bashed away at some found text from the wonderful world of the internet, which was proverbs taken from a religious site. Nothing against religion in the shape of individual people doing good, but these proverbs were begging for an edit.



Here are the found poems:










Msg from Anna Percy:

‘Stirred shout isn’t just for making a racket. We started Stirred to give women a voice to give them a space where they could speak up speak out. Poetry is my voice when I struggle to speak or think. We talk about the voice of poetry being one its most important qualities, it is developing your poetry voice which allows you to communicate effectively. Stirred shout is about celebrating the voices of women. For speaking up about the ways in which we are silenced for saying that our words matter. Stirred shout is about hearing voices and words you won’t hear at other poetry nights’


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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The Stirred team at Reclaim the Night Manchester 2015
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