Sarah Pritchard: Bed Shed

Here are two pieces Sarah Pritchard wrote in response to Stirred’s workshop at The Whitworth.


Rosie Cosney and Sarah Pritchard respond to Sarah Lucas



I am stuffing, stuffed into Gran’s old tights

All legs of course

Shrunken arms

I would never wear those tartan tights

Headless or rather a metal clamp to hold me

In my place…on a bar/office stool…

And my crotch is my centrefold-upstaged by

My impossible leg thrust in the air

Which has taken me years to perfect

Fucked and fucking

Who needs a head?



Bed Shed

(after Tracy Emin in response to the Sarah Lucas & Cornelia Parker exhibition at The Whitworth)



I lift my pillow like a trap door to
The hidden journal, a book of poems,
A road map, a toilet roll, several scratchy pens
No one else’s head lies there
Other than the dogson right now
Whose faint black hair-in-your-soup
Gets everywhere ,some days
Crawling inside the duvet
After too many duvet days and nights
The white down pokes out
The black dog’s black hairs snuggle in
Camouflaged in the bright coloured covers
So I can’t quite see how dirty we’ve become
In our creature comfort
And even the cat with her custard eye
Cuddle bombs my head
a hot water bottle in just the wrong place.
A cat faced baby, a dog faced partner
Warming my back, while I write
This shed, office, animal corner
I have cornered myself into.

Find Sarah’s musings at English Alien on facebook here. ‘Still personal, still political’


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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One comment on “Sarah Pritchard: Bed Shed
  1. […] We had a beautiful mini-chapbook on the night as well, which was full of poems from our workshop, some of which you can see online, Geneviève L. Walsh’s Bombardment here, and Sarah Pritchard’s Bed Shed here. […]

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