Bombardment-Geneviève L. Walsh

Here’s my piece ‘Bombardment’, based on a quote about love and death from Ms Emin herself.


In the creation of beautiful things
we struggle to catch our breath.
A one-eye open symphony. A lifetime
of picking at the stitches,
trying to spot the lazy strokes,
correct the mis-placed tenses,
our days and nights bombarded.
A vicious attack on the senses
that’s gone on for so long
and weakened so many defences
that it comes as a ten-tonne shock
when we are bathed
in silence.

It all seems a bit suspicious.
Instinctively, we check the room for cameras,
dismiss all embraces as stage directions,
and shun all answers
in favour of further questions;
‘This thing doesn’t weigh so heavily on my hand,
So why have I noticed it shake?
And why can I not catch my breath?’

Because when you are the most happy, you have to watch out for death.


Geneviève is founder of Spoken Weird and first published female member of A Firm of Poets, and is currently working on her first solo outing, Lass Grenade. She is guesting as part of Spoken Weirdos at Stirred: Tracey Emin, Monday 27th April. 



The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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One comment on “Bombardment-Geneviève L. Walsh
  1. […] poems from our workshop, some of which you can see online, Geneviève L. Walsh’s Bombardment here, and Sarah Pritchard’s Bed Shed […]

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