#FFF: Blondie 70’s Style

Is your body Blondie ready? ALWAYS

This is the first of our monthly Feminist Fashion Features. #FFF. Anna Percy will be giving us short extracts from her wardrobe and feminist fashion inspirations. We will also have guest contributors! Get in touch on stirredwomen@gmail.com if you fancy it.

We love clothes and feel like they should be fun and a reflection of your personality if that’s what you’re into. See a previous post from Anna here on her take on feminist fashion statements. These posts are in opposition to Cosmo framed body shaming look what she did wrong bullsh*t. 

And we have Blondie to launch us into May….


A look that means a woman can be tough and in control of her sexuality, be edgy and alternative, 70’s Blondie is accessible as a look.

Her look was cobbled together and DIY, lots of leather, monochrome, stripes and denim, and often found in bins. When she began she designed her own outfits from what she could afford or find, from second hand shops, what she had to hand. You can see images of her taken by Chris Stein, her former partner and bandmate, during the early years of Blondie, here she is wearing a pillow case with duct tape on it to create stripes (that she loves!)


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Blondie is the first woman to win the Godlike Genuis Award from the NME in 2014. Even the term is male designated, however Blondie is a self-described feminist and says:

‘The only place left for rock to go is toward more girl stars. There’s nothing left for men to do. There’s bound to be more male stars, but they can’t express anything new.’ (Link to article here)


Today’s look combines three key elements of that style, PVC, denim and stripes. Blondie looked good, sounded better, her music is empowering. The tough snarling voice she uses on ‘One way or another’. On songs like ‘Atomic’ where she purrs, ‘your hair is beautiful’, Blondie is uplifting, dangerous and seductive.

Blondie could be described as androgynous, however her look is always exceedingly feminine, it is the way she wears her clothes, her stance and attitude that makes her tough and ‘masculine’. She is in control of our perceptions of her.

70’s is huge at the moment, but currently focusing on the Boho flares, polo necks and floppy hats end, there will always be punk revival but the fashion landscape seems to limit this to iterations of biker jackets and 90’s tartan mini-skirts.

Now this outfit in Blondie’s honour is rule breaking, it’s tight, it has horizontal stripes and it’s sleeveless cropped jacket. These are all items some un-feminist fashion blogs would tell me not to wear, they accentuate certain features they would suggest I camouflage, so in Blondie’s honour, break the rules and dress tough.


Vintage denim jacket customized into vest with studs and patchesAPB

Stripey shirt from Marks and Spencers via charity shop

PVC skirt from Oasis via charity shop

Shoes-Lee Cooper via charity shop

Necklace-Anna Percy made it!


Article on Kate Bush and Blondie as feminist icons


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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