Stirred: Capture the Castle

Stirred May 2015 was really exciting, we had a Wollstonecraft workshop at the People’s History Museum, plus a Twisted Fairy Tales Workshop at Chorlton Arts Festival, and then Fucked Up Fairy Tales at our fav 3MT venue. Full play list of videos from Wollstonecraft and the night below.

Stirred Fucked Up Fairy Tales May 2015


Thanks so much to open micers on the night: Nadine Andie, Kate Garrett, Carol Eades, Madie Howard, Cath Nichols, Sarah Pritchard, Angela Smith, J M Melissa, Eleanor Moss (and another performer in a cool collaborative performance), Morgan Lawrence, Hannah Cook, Dominic Berry who all did fantastic themed pieces.

Twisted Fairy Tales from the night

A fucked up fairy tale
What more can I say,
Than they’re the lives we are living each and every single day

If I write my fairy tale starting from my end
Will I love you to death?
Is there any excitement
In a story happily ever after?
Well isn’t that fucked.
She was a busy single mum
Providing for countless daddy’s
And selflessly raised a swan
-Kate Garrett-After Hans Christian Anderson

She broke into their house
And ate all their food,
It was no wonder the bears
Were in a bad mood,
She should be left
in prison to brood



I’m sorry my views are cynically hard
I’m sorry I threw away your valentines cards
My eyes and heart froze from her fractured glass shards.

I am the wise woman of the woods the Crone
Once flat bellied, fertile, with a family not alone.
Upon a once before that fresh faced maiden like a polished stone.

Heteronormative tales of love
Where do I fit? Nowhere enough.
Fuck fairy tales. I’ll live my own.



The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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The Stirred team at Reclaim the Night Manchester 2015
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