Sonnet Slam: Survival

On July 21st 2015, Stirred hosted it’s first slam! This was a slam with a difference, as contestants brought sonnets to the slam. There was a secret ballot vote by the audience to elect a Stirred Audience Winner, and another vote by the hosts for the Stirred Poetry Prize.

Many thanks to everyone who participated, and look out for the Stirred Slam of 2016.

The amazing Mel Rees won the Stirred Poetry Prize, and the lovely Danielle Matthews won the Stirred Audience Winner! Here are her winning words to woo you:

Danielle Matthews

Sonnet of Survival

Kisses stolen in the corner of a room, unseenstirred slam spoon
Lips accosted by severe, considered intent
I taste fire, courage with fear slipped in-between
Shot with the arc of a whip over lack of consent.
Hands clench under the watchful stare of walls
A hiccup of noise escapes a throat choked
The fear from before bursts, shatters, and falls
Your hands travel in steel, need invoked.
Mind gathers together, touched by none
Heart already broken, slumbering, if not free
My soul still danced and flew, it grew and shone
You failed – You captured the smallest part of me.
I have reclaimed myself, though I spun away
A fucking Survivor stands before you today.

Sonnet for the Skies

I cast aside wings of broken fingers,
Their crushing embrace unpicked, thrown away.
I refuse the heat trembling still in cinders,
Sparks flicker in silence, nothing more to say.
I weep in tongues beneath the tirade of my mind
It spits words with a venom that scars
I struggle away, dazzled with tears, blind
And reach instead with my heart to the stars.
I inhale the beauty of aeons stitched on silk,
Gather up the untold mysteries of forever.
I drink the healing light of moons like milk,
The atoms of everyone, everything, ever.
Expel with a breath pain and frayed seams,
Take in a universe layered with possible dreams.


The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.

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