Disney Rewrites

Lately there’s been a spate of Disney princesses going through the tumble dryer of perspectives. There’s been Disney Princesses with beards (just for lols), David Trumble‘s tongue in cheek Disney Glossed heroines from the real world, including Anne Frank and Rosa Parks…and I feel like the pink princess ante has been upped in the world of buy me because I am pink:

HMV special

HMV special

Stirred Poetry is getting involved.  The aim is to give a voice to each image, a poetic response to the photographers re-imaging.  It’s a bit of a fun challenge, though if people get dark with it that’s good too. Sarah Maples’ Disney Princesses started us off, she mentions this quote:

‘you can’t be what you can’t see’  as summarising her project’s aims. Here are the links to each poem inspired by her photographs, which you can view alongside the pieces:

Belle the football manager Poem by Ben Willems

Sleeping Beauty the heart surgeon Poem by Karen Little

Snow White the scientist Poem by Becca Audra Smith

And now it’s taken a twisting turn with poets responding to Diana Goldstein‘s photographic series, Fallen Princesses. Her site describes:

By embracing the textures and colors created by Walt Disney, which built a multi-billion dollar empire exploiting these fairy tales, Fallen Princesses exposed the consumerism that has negated the morality of these ancient parables. It also begged the question, “how do we define the concept of ‘good’ and how do we live a ‘good’ life?”

There are the current pieces responding to this series:

Cinder-Poem by Anna Percy

Pocahontas-Poem by Sarah Pepin


This an ongoing project so if anyone wants to take up the challenge and respond to a photograph contact becca.audra.smith@live.co.uk, to find out which images are needing a poet.

Sarah Maples-Graduation Disney

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